Yesterday I got some insider goss on Asia’s biggest girl group that was just too good not to share with my fellow K-Poppers.

After successfully introducing Girls’ Generation to American audiences earlier this year, Interscope Records is now determined to turn the girls into global superstars, and it’s all thanks to Interscope chairman Jimmy Iovine. The label boss was impressed with the way the girls handled themselves when they made their US TV debut in late January, and now he’s convinced that they have what it takes to go international.

Now that pop groups are becoming big in the States again, Iovine’s made Girls’ Generation a “top priority” at Interscope. Not only will they have access to the biggest producers that the label has to offer, but he’s also planning to have them work with some lesser-known names to try and find the best sound for the group. In short: everyone is going to be submitting material for the SNSD album.

The plan is to have the girls focus on their Korean and Japanese activities for the rest of the year, while they quietly prepare for their international debut with an English album, which is tentatively due for release next year.

Interestingly enough, Jimmy has also been talking about 2NE1 after learning about the group through will.i.am. But despite all the international attention that 2NE1 has been receiving, Iovine seems to be more interested in Girls’ Generation and is throwing all of his support behind them right now, although he could end up being involved with 2NE1 in the future.

It’s not hard to see why Iovine has taken more of a liking to SNSD over 2NE1. With their stunning beauty and synchronized dance moves, they probably remind him a lot of the Pussycat Dolls, who he launched to pop stardom back in 2005.

So guys, be on the lookout for Girls’ Generation to make a major grab for global success next year. Who’s excited?

Source : Theprophetblog

Me me me !!! #soexcited (saya yakin gak perlu dijelasin pun, kalian yang baca tau arti dari artikel bahasa inggris di atas, vocabnya gak sulit hehehe, kalaupun sulit di copas aja dan di translete di google translete kekekeke)

Sekian, Annyeong ^^