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It’s already been a week since
we’ve all gathered together, wiping our mouths
and watched Anna and Younggeol drinking.
Again, today until 5am~
Starting from sunrise, until sunrise..
Young (geol) Jae (hyuk) Ga (Young) An(na), the four of us gathered
and filmed, sparks flying from our eyes^^!
It’s going to get more exciting..
Give ‘bbashyon wang*’ lots and lots of love… (*she wrote ‘Fashion King’ just in a more, funnier(?) way when read/pronounced)
Love Anna a lot, tooㅋㅋ
Watch the regular broadcast..!
Ah, there isn’t a lot of time left.
Dugeun dugeun (=heartbeat)…>< I actually.. am getting ready to go film ㅜㅜ
Everyone must watch the regular broadcast for me! ㅋㅋ
Sekian, Annyeong ^^