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Hai, menindaklanjuti berita yang ini kemarin. Aku mau berbagi translated nya ke bahasa inggris. Semoga membantu kalian. Hehehehe.

Trans :

interviewer: you and jgs seem really close.. are you just faking it/acting?
yoona: no, the atmosphere on set is really nice, so it’s a relief
interviewer: aren’t you both [yoona and jgs] playful types?
yoona: when i heard about jgs, he’s really active/energetic, so there were a lot of people around me that were worried [for me].. but, on set, it’s come to the point where jgs said i’m a ‘female jgs’

ajummah fan: oh, you’re so pretty [to yoona]
interviewer: she looks like when you were younger, right?
ajummah fan: … *nods*
interviewer: yuri’s currently starring in the opposing drama.. have you two ever discussed stuff, like whether LR or FK is more fun?
yoona: no, we never talked about that
interviewer: are you two not on good terms? (joking)
yoona: no, we just quietly monitor each others dramas

interviewer: snsd fans’ have been mentally checking out recently [idk how to put it exactly] (due to kiss scenes)
yoona: out of all of us… i only received a peck on my cheek
interviewer: so [you’re implying] “mine was weak”?
yoona: yes, a bit. i was surprised when i saw yuri unnie’s..sica unnie’s, too. i was shocked
interviewer: were you jealous?
yoona: reading the script, it seems soon i will also…

interviewer: [yes/no] have you practiced a talent by yourself?
yoona: i think there was
interviewer: what was it? we’ve seen the rockfish(i think?) a lot
yoona: it’s halibut. why are you bringing up such an old story, it’s embarrassing
interviewer: how about you do it for one last time
yoona: i’ve lost my touch
interviewer: should we just watch it for the last time then?
yoona: you’re going to watch it even if i say no
/[caption: you know well]
yoona: you can watch it

Yoona says she’ll feel the greatest happiness when people say she’s “like a lady (yeoja)”

YoonA wishes to get married around the age of 32

translated by @ch0sshi; @taenacity

Sekian, Annyeong ^^