Wow Fantastic Sungkyu! xD


Lucu deh nih J’kyun yang nge cover lagu Big Bang “Fantastic Baby” jadi “Fantastic Sunkyu”. Coba didengerin dulu yuk…

Gimana? hhahahaha keren kan. Kalau ada yang pengen tau arti dari lirik lagu diatas. Silahkan baca dibawah ini kekekeke~

soonkyu, i’ve fallen for you
because your eyes are sexy
oh, i didn’t mean it in a bad way, don’t misunderstand

winner of a girl group war
soshi’s venus
soonkyu i like you
i like when you play/joke around, everything

nugyu (‘who’, how boom says it)
i don’t remember any other names
instead of sunny, i like [your] real name
no matter what anyone says, it stands out the most
honestly that’s not all
your body, personality, laughter,
i even like your old graduation photos, oh man.
fantastic soonkyu

people say it like this
in soshi, taeyeon is the best
i was one of the people who always thought this
but then i saw you
‘invincible youth’ was a little boring, but get wet one more time
i watched the hot springs episode interestingly
because i’m looking at you again (in the sense of, ‘in a different light’)

what’s good my baby
your feel is kind of very different
something that i haven’t felt from anyone else
a burst of [something] energy

smile happiness
it’s not just because you’re pretty
don’t ask anything and just feel who soonkyu is
wow fantastic soonkyu

credit to @ch0sshi and