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note: yai : yoo ah in, ljh : lee jae hoon, ssk : shin se kyung
Lee Jae Hoon interview
yai: there was a picture of you holding the script while boarding the plane. was that planned or a coincidence?
ljh: you caught me.
ssk: snsd member you like the most?
ljh: -pause- ah, yuri
yuri: your timing was a bit… [slow]
yai: if you were gonna say yuri, you should’ve at least answered faster
yuri: it’s a shame
ssk: then which snsd member, other than yuri, do you like?
ljh: (immediately) taeyeon
yuri: really? (as in, that’s the truth). [teeth clenched] i will let her know.. xD
yuri: they say you have a head that’s smaller than actresses’ heads..don’t you think that hurts others [not physically]?
yai: it is
MC: it really is small, isn’t it?
ljh: if we’re in a shot together, i will either stand closer to the camera, or make my head size grow. (caption: how!?) for instance, i’ll drink the day before
yai: are you admitting that your head is small?
ljh: no, that’s not what i meant
yuri Interview
yuri:’hello, i’m snsd’s yuri, and i am kwon yuri who has taken on the role of choi anna’
yai: what did you think about your first time filming?
yuri: i really thought i was going to die
yai: why did you feel like you were going to die?
yuri: my first shoot was where i met ah-in oppa. of all things, it was scene where you were getting out of the bath, and i had to act like it didn’t bother me at all. but it didn’t really not bother me, so it was really difficult
yai: do you think you’re pretty?
yuri: i don’t think i’m ugly.  LOL
MC: are any snsd members fans of yai+ljh?
yuri: there are a lot, so they seem really curious. they ask me about things after filming [said it as if she’s telling on them]
yai: so then what did you tell them?
yuri: that you’re really chic. they really like your chic-ness(?)
MC: what do snsd members think is ljh’s greatest appeal?
yuri: they just think he’s cool,stylish
ljh: which member..? (the caption has taeyeon pic lol)
yuri: i’ll let you know over time
ljh: which other actor do you want to act with?
yuri: ha jeong woo or shin ha kyun. i want to act with really acting-orientated people [as in, people that do almost nothing but acting]
Shin Se Kyung Interview
yuri: what’s your blood type?
ssk: type B
yuri: charming type B girl
ssk: what about you, unni? (ssk is the same age with yoona/1yrs younger)
yuri: AB
yai: you don’t have the right to ask questions
ssk: oh, sorry
ljh: what’s your ideal type?
yai: between jaehyuk and younggeol?
ssk: neither. i’m talking about the characters
yai: not yai and ljh
yai: do you think you’re prettier than yuri? (getting revenge for previous question)
ssk: of course not
yuri: after getting the role, who were you looking forward to meeting [from the cast]?/ssk: ah-in oppa. i chose the role after learning that ah-in oppa was cast. it felt like the stories i’ve heard were becoming lifelike (not really sure what she was trying to say…..)
yai: oh, thank you
yoo ah in interview
yai:try me!
yuri:he wants us to start attacking him
MC: who do you think is the greatest fashion king among you four?
yai: me, me
ljh: then, take yoo ah-in out, and the four of us (including MC)
yai: there’s a scene where yuri is wearing a dress, and it left an impression. it was really pretty and suited her well.
yuri: there are a lot of scenes where you expose the upper half of your body
yai: as you could see, i didn’t [work out] a lot. just a little..
yuri: it was embarrassing
yai: I’m embarrassed! i’m the one that took it off LOL
MC: which snsd member do you like the most?
yai: right now, i like yuri the most, because yuri’s the only member i know
MC: just, as a viewer
yai: before this, hyoyeon
ljh: you made a promise to sing if your film ‘Wan Deuk Yi’ surpassed 5 mil viewers, and kept it. then, let’s say fashion king gets 20% viewer ratings.
yai: 20%? why don’t you try dreaming a little bigger? if it gets 40% viewer ratings, I will sing a snsd song.
(fyi, get 40% rating for drama it really is big dream LOL)
[just closing(?) messages/stuff they wanna say]
ssk: people always say i’m stuck in excellence, but i’m not. oh, does it come out like this? everyone just seem like people around my age. we laugh a lot and stuff.
yai: yuri said it, too, but i don’t think my personality is really all that sharp/stuck-up. i’m like a sheep.
yuri: [because it’s her first attempt at acting] it could be really awkward and not good, don’t write too much [negative comments online]. watch me with a positive/optimistic mind. i will work hard, hwaiting
ljh: don’t watch alone, and watch it with people around you. i want to hit a high point in viewer ratings. i will work hard, hwaiting.
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